Forum Thread: 5 People Having a Worse Day Than You

Whether it's your first day back in the office after a long weekend, or you're looking for something more out of life, we've all had days that seem to drag on forever. Thankfully, one of the best ways to get out of your funk is enjoying the fact that someone else's day is always worse.

How do you shock yourself out of our funk? Well, here's 5 people who are genuinely having a worse day than you. See? Hanging out in the office for 8 hours with a hangover isn't half as bad as…

the person who couldn't wait to go home to use the bathroom

Sure, we've all been there. You're at a concert or State Fair when nature calls. The only problem with going to the bathroom in a public place with lots of people: there are probably kids around. And of those children, at least 20% are hooligans (insert scientific study here). When you're at your most vulnerable, pants down around your ankles, iPhone scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, disaster can strike.

Come on, you're day can't be "covered in blue liquid, laying on your side in a porta-potty" bad, can it?

the guy hanging around after a kegger.

So you went out last night and drank more than you should have? Alright, well this guy went out last night and he hasn't come back yet. Pledging for fraternities is always tough. Sometimes you need to just hang in there…other times you need to lean on a nearby tree for support during a rough time. This friend's mates decided that leaving him taped to a tree was the perfect end to a successful evening of binge drinking.

the Captain of this ferry

Workplace accidents are no laughing matter. If you're the loadmaster for the local ferry, you may want to make sure you actually even out a load of cars onboard before pushing off. Unfortunately, it appears Murphy's law was in full effect.

this loving father

Every child remembers being hoisted on their father's shoulders to see what's going on up ahead. However, as the saying goes: "No good deed goes unpunished." He may want to look into a new brand of diapers for his child.

…the man on a roll

Ever feel like you've taken more than your share? This guy's on a roll!

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